Visit the official Asset Security Insurance website.

Asset Security, Inc. is a full-service insurance agency serving hundreds of businesses and individuals. Our name signals our mission, which is to protect the assets of our clients through proven risk management principles, including customized insurance programs and/or self-insurance. Our company brings a combined 40 years of experience and a commitment to excellence to benefit every client.

As insurance professionals who are dedicated to our mission, we advocate what is best for our clients and believe that as long as we continue to maintain the trust and integrity of our profession, we will earn the trust and respect of our clients.

An independent agency, Asset Security maintains a valuable advantage over many captive agents (think Progressive or AllState), who are are bound to selling you insurance from a sole insurance provider (which may not have the best coverage options for your needs). Instead, our Asset Security associates are interested first in your goals, values, concerns and needs. We get to know you, your family and your business in order to determine the best insurance provider, cost and coverage for your life and lifestyle. Trusting us as your insurance professionals gives you an advantage because the personal service we provide goes beyond the call of duty.

Ensure that you’re properly insured: call us, e-mail us or visit us online today.

Phone: 914-598-3004
Fax: 914-560-2013
E-mail: jaime@assetsecurityrm.com


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